The Ex Factor Guide – Learn how to Get your Ex Back

The Ex Factor Guide is your ultimate guide to ending your heartache and getting your ex back by utilizing professional approaches according to connection dynamics. As opposed to several other applications, this one particular does not ask you to modify who that you are, your appearance or what you’d like inside the connection. You do not must recite one-liners or do something awkward like that. Phew! As an alternative, the system gives you with professional tips determined by the psychology of breakups – what caused the breakup, what has to be carried out to repair the connection, and ways to captivate your ex’s interest. Everything you study comes from an expert to make sure helpful advice, that is far better than the opinions and suggestions you’re getting from loved ones and buddies, as they provide you with guidance determined by their practical experience, which is not going to assist yours. Using the Ex Factor Guide, you learn methods that really function since they are determined by your partnership dynamics as well as the psychology of breakups. So, let’s not waste any more time. Here’s how this program can bring you and your ex back collectively to get a healthier and happier partnership.

Product Name: The Ex Factor Guide
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Author: Brad Browning
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What is the Ex Factor Guide?

The Ex Factor Guide is an on the internet program that is certainly responsible for receiving a huge number of couples back with each other. It includes a distinctive version for men and women, for obvious causes. Right after all, what will entice an ex-boyfriend is diverse than what will attract an ex-girlfriend. On the other hand, the similarities are what is most significant. All of the tactics, data, and strategies you learn in this program are determined by connection dynamics plus the psychology of breakups. You are not having someone’s opinion or knowledge depending on what they went through or what worked to get their ex back. As an alternative, The Ex Factor Guide teaches you the stuff that operates according to the psyche of your ex. Then, it puts everything with each other for you within a step-by-step action strategy, full with effective approaches and techniques for getting your ex back. This contains text messages to send, body language to give off the next time you see them, how to adjust the tone of voice to send the message you desire, the way to effectively seduce your ex, appealing characteristics to emphasize, unattractive traits to function on, and a lot additional. It’s a extensive system that covers all elements of a relationship and factors behind the breakup, all of that are broken down into easy-to-follow, very simple actions.

Now, the genuinely excellent issue is that The Ex Factor Guide is digital so you get quick access as quickly as you obtain. You do not must wait or spend for shipping to start mending your broken heart, nor do you must be concerned about carrying about a textbook or worse, have your ex discover about your secret weapon. As an alternative, you just download the content material correct onto your laptop, desktop personal computer, tablet or smartphone. This guarantees that all your secret techniques are kept secure by yourself private devices and that you just have access to them whenever and wherever that you are, that is super beneficial since you in no way know when you’re going to run into your ex. You may even attempt the program out risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This offers you ample time to study the methods and see how they work to repair your partnership. Taking into consideration exactly the same approaches you learn within this system have been applied to repair and renew many of the most broken relationships available, chances are you are going to be also focused on your love life to even think of going back to the breakup.

The Author of Ex Factor Guide – Brad Browning

The author from the Ex Factor Guide is Brad Browning. From Vancouver, Canada, he’s also a renowned connection professional and coach. Brad has ten years of practical experience assisting couples repair and enhance their relationships. For many years now, Brad has been studying the workings of relationships along with the psychology of breakups. He is an professional around the topic now.

Brad has written quite a few articles about breakups and conflict resolution for, where he’s also a senior editor. Brad posts videos on his YouTube channel concerning connection troubles. He’s viewed as a like guru in regards to appreciate and relationships and has a great deal encounter within this field. Brad Browning’s postings are extremely respected globally.

Brad’s Views on Break-Ups:

Brad is with the firm opinion that “break-ups” are typical. Whilst most people take into account break-ups as a significant setback in life, Brad is of a further opinion. He sees breakups as an opportuinity to strengthen your relationship by understanding the flaws that bring about your breakup.

Should you are able to understand the correct cause behind your break-up, you can not just patch-up, you may also develop a extended lasting connection. The Ex Factor Guide has been written maintaining this perspective in thoughts.

Brad’s Which means of a Effective Partnership:

Empowerment is what Brand is teaching by means of the means in the Ex Element PDF. He goes on to explain that a potent and extended lasting partnership is held to its roots through empowerment.

The Ex Factor Guide written by Brad Browning lays emphasis on the importance of contentment along with self-assurance. You have to be self-assured if you want your partnership to perform. This ‘rule of thumb’ is applicable to each genders.

In his guide, Brad teaches you approaches and indicates of identifying the principle issues that cause the breakdown of your relationship. Immediately after you’ve identified the reasons that result in the break-down of one’s connection, you’re taught its options. Methods to counter a sour connection are explained in good detail right here.

What in regards to the plan itself?

The core of the plan can be a 125 page e-book, professionally written & presented in PDF format. There’s also an audio version and a cool video course also included inside the price, plus two excellent bonus e-books that cover various topics not addressed in the principal e-book.The best part? It’s all available instantly from Brad’s website… there’s no shipping fees and no waiting about for the mailman, for the reason that it is possible to download the entire plan within 2 minutes of ordering. That’s good news, contemplating that when you’re trying to acquire your ex back, time is with the essence!

If you’re ready to get instant access to all of Brad’s sneaky psychological tips and approaches, head over to his website and watch the totally free video presentation now. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Benefits of your Ex Factor Guide

One particular of your main benefits of this guide is that it stops you from doing a lot of your terribly embarrassing and unhealthy stuff that quite a few men and women do when they are heartbroken from a breakup. It will assist you to not obsess over your ex and put them on a pedestal, in addition to not putting your life on hold until they return to you.

The guide does not just show you tips on how to get back with each other with your ex, it shows you tips on how to build a healthier and stronger connection with them. Theoretically, this will make the relationship healthier than before. Brad promises that if you follow the information within the guide and renew your partnership with your ex, you will be happier and you will not must go through a different breakup.

The Ex Factor Guide can help each men and women. The guide offers suggestions on tips on how to customise the different approaches according to your gender, in addition to your age and your relationship troubles with your ex. The author is very experienced as a partnership counselor, so he can definitely aid you to enhance your partnership and move towards far more healthy interactions.

It is actually a clear and effortless to know guide and it is divided into sections which make it very user-friendly and allows you to go by way of the material significantly easier. Perhaps that is certainly why it is 1 from the most popular connection books online. Also, simply because there is a 60 day dollars back assure the book can be a risk free option.

A number of the other benefits of this system include:

  • You will be able to approach the situation within a calm and mature manner, rather than letting the breakup make you panic and act irrationally.
  • The book shows you how to build up your self esteem so which you can counteract the feelings of worthlessness and rejection that come with a breakup.
  • You will be able to identify the mistakes that you simply made which led to the breakup so which you can avoid them in the future.
  • It will stop you from doing or saying something stupid, embarrassing or desperate in the time immediately immediately after the breakup when emotions are raw.
  • You will fully grasp the psychology behind the breakup and have a improved insight into how your ex is thinking and feeling.
  • You will know what to say and do to increase your chances of having back with each other.
  • You will be capable to make your ex interested in you again, even if they broke up with you and even if they are seeing someone else.


Brad knows you in addition to you do. Within the ‘No Contact’ chapter, he can tell all you desire to do is ring up your ex and beg for them back. He tells you exactly why you shouldn’t do that.

He’s personable, friendly and super supportive. Throughout the guide, Brad feels like he’s there as your best friend, telling you honestly that it may not work out how you’d like (that is refreshing and honest, there’s no false promises), but wanting to help you either way, and that’s genuinely comforting.

The guide becomes much more positive as it goes on, motivating you and making you feel very optimistic. At first, you feel disheartened, heartbroken, and desperate. Nevertheless, as you go via the guide, Brad makes you feel stronger, far more confident, and optimistic in regards to the future, whether that future involves your ex or not.

It feels like a 1 on 1 coaching session the whole way via. At every moment, I felt like I was sitting down with Brad within a room talking by way of my problems, and he was there to help. It is rare I uncover a guide in this area that doesn’t simply sound like someone just reading a script.

Within the Ex-Factor, I feel like I’m actually talking to Brad, and that’s a fantastic feeling, especially when it can feel like you’re all alone just after your break-up.

Provides actionable and useable tips, and supplies detailed examples. Rather of leaving you wondering the best way to do something, Brad guides you, telling you precisely what to do and how to do it, providing useful examples along the way.

The tips is focused on YOU, not your ex. Within this guide, you get the strong impression that Brad simply wants you to become happy. Correct from the introduction, Brad is stressing that it really is all about being happy, not about winning your ex back.

That being said, he also understands what it really is like, as well as the rest of the book follows on the best way to win back your ex.

The Bonuses. The guide comes with two bonuses, one particular how to get a healthy and fantastic figure, the other focused on how correctly text your ex without coming across as needy or desperate.

They’re both detailed and quality guides, and are worth the price-tag simply by themselves.


There’s some questionable assistance. One point in particular stood out to me; at one point, Brad advises you to create a fake Facebook account to ‘fake’ having a desirable and interested guy posting on your Facebook Wall.

I always cringe at advice like this. On the other hand, Brad states clearly that you simply may not be comfortable with doing this and suggest you not do it if so, that is reassuring.

It is going to take some serious perform. Whether this is definitely an actual con in the guide itself, I never know; I do not feel so. That being said, winning your ex back isn’t going to become a smooth or effortless ride.

It’s going to take time, patience and some operate. If you’re simply not the type of person in a position to meticulously comply with a plan to the letter, this guide isn’t for you.

Price of Ex Factor Guide?

$47 dollars. It is a one-time payment that gets you unlimited access to the e-book, audiobook, and supplemental materials.Would be the Ex Issue worth the price?

If you would like your ex back and you’re looking to employ some tricks in order to achieve this, then yes this book is worth it.
If you’re looking for any book that dives into the heart of why you broke up, tips on how to greater yourself as a person, or tips on how to value how wonderful that you are, this is not the book for you personally.

And that’s okay. If a book tries to be also several things, it will do nothing properly.

This is a book for someone who wants to win an ex back. And I believe it will be a very productive resource for doing this.

The Bottom Line

This product is best suited to guys who have very recently split up with their girlfriend. It focuses on making sure you do not do any with the things that you will feel emotionally compelled to do, but will only make things worse and drive your ex further away.

There are things that you are taught to do that are aimed at making your ex feel jealous and wanting to see you again, and how you can make this happen. But the focus in mainly on getting her into bed, right after which everything will supposedly take care of itself. This product can be useful for you for those who are capable to distinguish the good tips from the bad, and to an extent that will depend in your particular situation and why your ex left you.