My Bikini Belly Review – Download MBB PDF & Find the Truth of Fat Loss

My Bikini Belly is a system that over 35-years-old ladies has been searching for. As the summer season months start to approach, ladies across the globe start to criticize themselves in the mirror. Though absolutely everyone is wonderful in their own skin, irrespective of their shape and clothes size, from time to time we just want slightly added enhance. Sadly, the modern planet has made it not possible to discover the time to spend hours upon hours at the health club frequently. As such, most ladies just don’t have the minutes along with the hours to workout to get the bikini physique they dream of. Heck. Most girls never even want ripped abs. They just want to remove that awful belly fat clinging for the reduce portion of the stomach.

Product Name: The My Bikini Belly Program
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Author: Shawna Kaminski
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Fat people are constantly at greater threat of finding some significant ailments like blood pressure, diabetes and substantially a lot more just because on the added fat of their body.They normally possess a tough time losing their stubborn fat. They starve themselves and try many other tactics but none of them work. That is why right now we provide you with ‘My Bikini Belly Review’ which might help you with this challenge.


About My Bikini Belly System

Firstly, it truly is a blueprint for any 21-day workout plan that helps you reset your hormones, increase your metabolism and shred the fat – particularly in the belly location. It’s a bodyweight method of working out that is not strenuous around the body and does not take a lot of time, but nonetheless leads to a flatter stomach within a brief amount of time.

With lots of exercise programs out there, it can be hard to narrow in on the ones which can be greatest. Some are for guys; some are for females; some are for the elderly; other folks are for veterans; new moms; dads-to-be – you name it. Even so, there are not numerous that happen to be created exclusively for girls more than the age of 35 and that target the hormonal adjustments that come with menopause. Well, My Bikini Belly is here to modify that.

This revolutionary online exercise regime is broken down into three phases that:

  • Switch off the menopause molecules
  • Turn in your body’s belly-reducing hormones
  • Crank up your metabolism
  • Every exercise is designed to be completed in short sequences that involve particular movements excellent for you personally, your age, and the hormones going on within your body. They call for only a couple of minutes a day and are broken down with clear step-by-step guidelines. You also receive an exercising library guide which dissects the movements even additional with detailed descriptions and images to ensure that you simply complete the moves properly. In other words, it really is foolproof, and everyone can do it even without the need of any prior exercise practical experience.

Who is Shawna Kaminski?

A single of the factors that we usually search for when availing a weight loss system is definitely the author and their credibility. This can show just how much they know concerning the course of action and no matter if they may be authorities inside the field or certified to speak about the plan. Obviously, we wish to ensure that what we’re purchasing is actual and effective and 1 from the 1st people that ought to set the example may be the author of the program.

She is 50 years old but looks 20 years younger her age. She is definitely an inspiration to millions of females who would like to hold themselves healthier and fit. She is an owner of North West Fit Boot Camp and also introduced her 21-day bikini belly exercise.

Kaminski was a contender at skiing and swimming throughout the National Canadian Competitors. Aside from these Kaminski owns the NW Fit Body Boot Camp it can be a gym is positioned in Calgary. A few of her customers is usually observed in the videos demonstrating different workouts incorporated inside the program.

What is Inside My Bikini Belly

To highlight the very best parts of your system, the ‘Main Exercise Manual’ serves because the central meat of the complete item. The manual facts the whole My Bikini Belly system that involves the ‘Bikini Belly Flush’, ‘Bikini Belly Burn’, and ‘Bikini Belly Blast’ subsystems. With this manual, you would get to familiarize oneself with Shawna’s belly-busting philosophy and methodologies.

The subsequent element worth pointing out could be the exercise videos. You will find four (four) videos included inside the plan. Primarily, they’re the comprehensive video demo run-through for each and every with the subsystems described earlier. That is, the ‘Workout A’ video corresponds to ‘Bikini Belly Flush’, the ‘Workout B’ video equates to ‘Bikini Belly Burn’, and ‘Workout C’ video shows the ‘Bikini Belly Blast’ subsystem. The final video is often a ‘Cooldown’ regimen used to end all your exercise sessions.

The last module that we are going to highlight will be the ‘Quick Start Guide.’ It really is absolutely nothing particular truly. Just like any other rapid start off guide of any other system, this guide would let you hit the ground running. It strips off all of those fitness concepts and principles and allows you to go directly to implementing the program. That is, you’ll go straight to working out and flattening that belly. When you do not require to know the science or the rationale behind the building of the system, the fast start guide may be the initially file you would open.

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Quick Start out Guide

This manual will help you get started with the program. This also incorporates the author explaining its different parts.

Workout Manual

This manual incorporates the ideal workouts that you simply have to execute every day. This gives you detailed details about the workouts and exercises. It serves as a reference for the workouts that you just will see around the videos.

Physical exercise Library Manual

This offers the detailed directions of the workout routines. This also delivers pictures and step by step guides. The advantage of the photographs is that you will have a guide in reaching the correct kind with the exercises.

Sculpt Series Manual

This can be a manual with workouts developed to help sculpt the belly. They are brief but intense workouts that you simply can use at the finish of every of your workout sessions.

The videos are of good good quality and may last up to 15-20 minutes. Inside the videos, the author Shawna, explains the process and advantages of the exercise. You’ll find also three men and women displaying the various levels of intensity (newbie, intermediate and sophisticated). This can be undoubtedly an incredible thought making it a flexible exercise.


Optional Upgrade #1 – Organifi
This can be fundamentally a green powder/juice item. Organifi consists of all types of vitamins, minerals, and superfoods etc. which can be coming from organic organic foods.

Optional Upgrade #2 – Fast Results Bundle
It offers you with some extra education that teaches you how to get the fastest doable final results in the Bikini Belly Program. It can be a collection of workouts and added strategies which you can use to burn belly fat in a faster way.

Optional Upgrade #3 – Double Your Benefits Bundle
This upgrade tells you in regards to the nutritional foods that you just can use even though following the bikini belly exercise. It consists of each of the meal plans, diets, and recipes that could double the outcomes you get from the workouts.

===>>Click to Download My Bikini Belly PDF & Learn More……

How Does It Work?

Shawna makes use of what she calls ‘Metabolic Activation Training’. It functions by activating your body’s organic systems that need to have to be functioning in unison at optimal levels in order for your body to burn fat.

You’ll find 3 systems that will need to be activated, and Shawna says that soon after your third exercise, all the components are going to be operating collectively to assist you burn fat more rapidly and consistently. In brief, you might be:

  • Turning off your menopause molecules
  • Turning on your fat-burning hormones
  • Turning up your metabolism
  • The exercise you’re presently undertaking or did final, most likely focused only on boosting your metabolism. But, your hormones possess a big effect on your capability to burn fat as well as your metabolism, so it can be essential to also be certain your exercise is turning your fat-burning hormones on and fat-storing hormones off. When all of these are functioning with each other, your body simply because a fat-burning machine that works for you personally as an alternative to against you.

This plan is often a 21-day system that you just adhere to together with. It truly is a blueprint for women over 35 to fight belly fat when and for all, and all you must do is comply with the data inside.

How you get the accomplishment of My Bikini Belly?

In an effort to get the accomplishment on the system, it truly is essential to adhere to these particulars:

  • Take step-by-step procedure and learn how to get about and firm but in a simple way.
  • If you are inside a time of undertaking fitness or spending considerably time on performing workouts inside the fitness center, you see that this performs for you personally.
  • There are actually some extra guides of nutrients, making certain the consumption with the suitable sort of foods to ensure that you may maximize outcomes of joining the system.

You quickly follow the package for the reason that it gives you quite a few workouts, methods, tips and detailed instruction how to get your shape physique naturally.

Concluding this Overview of My Bikini Belly and Pros / Cons

All round this really is, in my opinion, one particular with the greater weight-loss programs on the market for women in their 30’s and older – particularly if losing belly fat is a goal you may have. Lately I reviewed one more flat belly system named ‘Flat Belly Overnight’ which did not present quite very good value or information and facts at all, so I was pleasantly surprised when Shawna’s program turned out to be far, far much better.

Shawna’s workouts are challenging and well place together. They also progress nicely week just after week and are absolutely adequate to provide benefits for anybody who follows by way of on the data.

In terms of the actual content material I was impressed using the quality, plus the work that has gone in for the videos. A really ‘follow-along’ program is extremely uncommon in this cost range plus the choice to adhere to a newbie, intermediate or advanced instructor through your workouts is a extremely nice touch. This tends to make the program accessible to absolutely everyone I really feel.

It is actually a little bit of a shame that no diet program or meal plans are incorporated inside the core $37 acquire, but should you wanted these also then they’re accessible within the add-on for $27. Still, I would have incredibly considerably liked to find out at the very least a thing relating to consuming for fat loss devoid of necessary to purchase an upgrade. In fairness even though the sales material makes it 100% clear that the main plan is workouts only, so this wasn’t a surprise to me and I definitely feel like I got what I paid for with excellent value for my revenue.

You could get the solution here for the lowest readily available value on the official site. I’ve checked around on-line and this really is the cheapest option ??


Designed particularly for ladies who would like to shed belly fat. In the event you fall into this category then the program is a superb match, along with a greater selection than a lot more generic fat loss courses.
The author is actually a credible real-world person. Shawna’s achievements in fitness are impressive certainly. She also owns a real boot camp gym in Canada with genuine clientele. This makes me confident within the reality she’s the real-deal, and not only an internet personality who will disappear within a month.
Premium quality video content material that’s genuinely ‘follow-along’. That’s a rarity in fitness courses lately. The production top quality and ease of use here is far better than I anticipated, or am utilised to.
Easy to fit into your life, irrespective of how busy you happen to be or what age you will be. All workouts are bodyweight in nature requiring no gear, final 15-20 minutes and can be carried out from anywhere. You an also opt for your amount of difficulty from three distinct options based on your fitness levels or knowledge.


As with all digital programs that happen to be delivered by means of videos and PDFs you will find generally going to be persons who favor to acquire hard-copy DVDs or physical books. This program is out there on line only, and all content is stored inside your members area. Almost everything is downloadable though – that includes mobile-friendly video formats.
For those who want diets, meal plans and recipes you must buy a single with the upgrades. That is created completely clear during the sales process, on the other hand I assume it would of been a good touch to add in some diet program education for the principal system.

Is My Bikini Belly a Scam?

No, My Bikini Belly could be the production of a actual Canadian lady whose complete name is Shawna Kaminski. She is actually a well known former athlete and competitive fitness model with quite a few titles to her name.

She lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she runs her private studio, known as Fit Body Boot Camp. There, in her Boot Camp, she specializes in providing ladies with all the exercise methods she developed to help them slim down and get a firm flat belly. Furthermore, the present system displays exercise videos with consumers inside her gym which additional add for the trust-factor as well.

Ms Kaminski is definitely the author on the Metabolic Surge Education that slims, tones and flattens menopause belly using a speedy and efficient bodyweight series of workouts that trigger the physique all-natural fat burning systems simultaneously.

Cost/Price Plans

The trainer who developed My Bikini Belly says that she charges $400 per training session for her customers that wish to work with her one-on-one, but that her objective will be to supply her information and coaching to as many of us as you possibly can, that is why she has decided to price this plan at just $15.00.

Sadly the system is actually priced at $37.00, so it truly is unclear why the text from the sales webpage says greater than as soon as that the trainer made a thoughtful and purposeful selection when she priced her downloadable program at $15.00.


If you have been on the lookout for an easy-to-follow exercise program that’s just as simple to do, then My Bikini Belly is for you personally. It’ll make you sweat and perform hard, but it’s entertaining and helpful, creating the workouts so uncomplicated to accomplish. After you start out seeing your results, you are going to absolutely maintain going and this really is a method that you simply can continue to do even soon after the three weeks. Because it delivers instructions on ways to transform the exercise based on your fitness level, there’s no explanation to ever modify programs.

I think Shawna Kaminski has unravel a secret that should be of tremendous advantage to many women as far as eliminating fat belly button in concerned. It truly is also a system designed to enhance the general heal from the customers with out the strain that comes with most classic workouts applications. I feel My Bikini Belly download is going to be a perfect fit for you personally should you be searching for for strategies to transform the body without obtaining to starve oneself or undergo hours of cardio. It’s 1 with the smartest move any one can take at the moment to attain bikini physique and remove the belly fat within short time frame.